The Argument Against Space Colonization Essay

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The argument that is made against space colonization, does make the scientific community and others a bit more hesitant about pursuing the field. The morals are put into question a lot and those that are against space colonization end up viewing the ethics to be questionable. Environmentalists believe that colonization of another planet shouldn’t be focused on and that the time and money should mainly be put into fixing problems on the Earth instead, this view has been used a lot against space colonization. The argument is a good strong one, by pointing out how the technology to help change the Earth can be developed on the Earth, so why does humanity have to go to space to develop these technological advancements. First off the Earth has limited resources and will run out at one point, so using space colonization humanity can find more resources to use, as well as forcing governments, corporations, and scientists to develop new technological sources, one being energy. There are a few arguments made in the article Irrational Dreams Of Space Colonization makes a point by saying “The solar system could also potentially be exposed to galactic sources of high energy gamma ray bursts that could fry all life on Earth; any moon or Mars base would face a similar fate” (Williams, 5). So there would be no point on building a colony on a planet such as Earth’s moon and Mars, Yet the point isn’t to only live on planets in our solar system, the moon and Mars are test grounds, they are…

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