The Argument Against Self Defense Essay

1972 Words Jan 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Our right to life should be upheld by ourselves. To defend our right to life we, as a society, we need to understand the role and importance of being able to defend ourselves. Being able to properly defend ourselves is essential in everyday life because being killed can happen very quickly. For instance, when police officers are confronted with a threat they must react as if their life is at stake because it is, as a result they will act with lethal force. However many people have arguments against defending themselves. If they use lethal force, then so should the victim. Two of the most popular arguments against self defense are: the police will always be there, and you do not have to resort to lethal force. Society requires an education about self defense, society needs to learn how to defend themselves, society needs to understand how dangerous situations can be, and society needs to understand why the laws for self defense are made. When a situation escalates to a life threatening situation, there are rarely any other ways to react besides lethal force to pacify the situation. This can be attributed to insufficient education about self-defense. Often times people do not understand the dangers a knife can pose. Although, if you are stabbed and are able to make it to a hospital you only have a 7% chance of dying (#1). Those do seem like good odds, but if you are actually stabbed you will most likely be immobilized and bleeding out, which will lead to you going into…

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