Essay on The Argument Against Proposition 19

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An Argument Against Proposition 19
This rhetorical analysis takes a look at a response from Stanislaus County in California about their feelings and arguments against Proposition 19. The arguments being used to refute their opinions had several fallacies, even though they tried to appeal to their audience as much as possible by using pathos, logos, and ethos arguments. Proposition 19 was a bill that failed to pass because it was not favored by many and had many nay-sayers. It stated that it would legalize the usage of marijuana along with marijuana related activities, it would allow for the government to regulate the activities and also allow the government to place taxes on it, and it would authorize criminal and civil penalties by the local government (2010). This is an ongoing debate in several states today, and the debates will only continue to grow as does the usage of marijuana in the U.S.
The disagreement over the legality of marijuana has been a topic of debate for years, even decades. Currently, the number of marijuana supporters has increased considerably. The question typically asked is why the legality of marijuana poses such a debate. The reason is that in the United States, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug. It has been recorded by The National Institution on Drug Abuse (2011, p.8), nearly 104 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried marijuana at least once. Many questions have been asked about the positive impact that the…

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