The Argument Against Abortion Is Murder Essay

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The article I decided to argue against is named A Physician Tells Why Abortion Is Murder. Pastor E. L. Bynum wrote this article. Although Physician Pastor Bynum brings up several good points regarding his argument of abortion is murder his argument is flawed. Pastor Bynum states, “These little ones are little human beings.” In fact, they are not human beings yet. They become human beings when they are conceived. Before then the scientific names such as fetus, embryo, or zygote are in fact correct. This doesn’t mean individuals can’t say they have a baby inside them its just not technically correct. After all the Supreme Court ruled that unborn babies don’t have rights until after they are born. Thus, making my argument of how they are not yet considered babies stronger. Pastor Bynum states under the Some Comments Comical section of his piece that “abortionists have forfeited the privilege to be called “physicians”, for they have abandoned the responsibility of acting like physicians. Yes, physicians are taught how to save lives but sometimes the choice is between the mother’s life are her unborn child’s life. A physician cannot always save both. Who’s to judge what decision is the right decision. Everyone has different opinions and beliefs and given this situation everyone will react and decide in different ways. But, to say they are not physicians because they could only save one life rather than two is pathetic. Adding to the point above yes abortions are sometimes…

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