The Argentine Process Of National Reorganization Essay

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The Argentine Process Of National Reorganization, more commonly known as the “Dirty War,” was a period from roughly 1974 to 1983 when the president was deposed and the entire government was taken control of by the military. This decade of civil destruction, turmoil, and human rights violations was part of the military’s plan to rid the country of the radical left and communist subversion. The junta spoke of a “New Argentina,” one full of prosperity for all its citizens, order and no longer chaos, they preached they would bring back Argentina’s glory days. For all this talk of an Argentina that would be once again a world power, no one knew of the atrocities the military would commit in the process. They did not think of the innocent lives to be taken or the people that would be stolen from their families, never to be heard from again. As the world looks back upon the decade of state terror that was Argentina 's Dirty War, we must not only look at the mindset of the military leaders but the mindset of Argentina’s citizens. How these people reacted to the new government and who their support was for. Looking inward toward the people shows us more about the country than looking towards the ideas of its leaders at times. With the military regime controlling major news outlets and obscuring their reign, the words of the people were the only truth being told in this era. We cannot rely on the face value of the military leaders or any of those involved in the secret civil war. But…

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