The Arc Of American History Essay

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James McGreevey said “The arc of American history almost inevitably moves toward freedom. Whether it 's Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, the expansion of women 's rights or, now, gay rights, I think there is an almost-inevitable march toward greater civil liberties.” Civil liberties are the freedom of a citizen to exercise rights, without government interference. Every citizen of the United States is allowed right, but what about refugees? Ten-thousand Syrian refugees fleeing a war-torn country will be accepted into the United States. The big question within this debate is this right and should it be allowed, according the United States Constitution? This specific debate is not a debate on who is right and wrong in the situation. This debate deals with the morals of the people of this country and people’s live could be drastically affected either way this with pan out. This civil discourse will reveal the true colors of not only the politicians dealing with this, but the American public. The reason behind Syrians fleeing their home country is to get away from the absolute violence, Syrian civil war has caused, the collapsing infrastructure of the country, and to keep children safe.The outbreak of a civil war in March 2011 caused 9 million Syrians to leave since then (“Syrian Refugees: A Snapshot of the Crisis – in the Middle East and Europe” 1). The Syrian Civil War has left more than 240,000 people dead, including twelve thousand children. Many more have been…

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