The Arab Spring Movement Of 2011 Essay

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While the Arab Spring Movement of 2011 didn’t culminate in the ultimate goal of achieving real democracy for most states except Tunisia, the Arab Spring did disrupt the status quo and may eventually be a stepping stone in the struggle for democracy in the Middle East.
Never known for being a pillar of peace, the Middle East has always been rife with turmoil. However, in 2011 this turmoil was super-charged, as several nations experienced civil uprising. Citizens of Algeria, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman, mobilized, forming massive protests. Heads of state in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen were stripped of their powers and removed. Even more developed nations like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan experienced protests, albeit minor during the Arab Spring. (The National.AE, 2011) Objectives in each area varied, but civil liberties violations and economic grievances were primary concerns among protestors. The sharing of activities and information among Arab Spring participants and even spectators via social media is an interesting feature in this uprising. Cheers and encouragement were also doled out via social media by individuals and groups in other countries. (Kesselman, 2016 page 487)

In retrospect, it’s easy to see that their objectives fell short of their intended goals. Be that as it may, it would be wise to understand the reasoning behind their actions and take a closer look at “democracy” and the expectations behind this powerful word. Furthermore, it’s…

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