The Arab Israeli Conflict Of West Bank, Gaza, And East Jerusalem

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Since the mid-twentieth century, Jews have been migrating to the land of Israel, known by the Arabs as Palestine, to escape the discrimination and persecution they had been facing in Europe for centuries. The Zionist movement began to grow as a result of the Holocaust, as the Jews believe they have a right to their own Jewish state where their holy sites are. However, the Arabs have been living in Palestine for generations, and they are unwilling to accept the formation of a Jewish state because of the Palestinian cultural and ancestral ties that exist in that land. Because both the Palestinians and Jews are obdurate and will not forswear the land they both feel they have a right to, the Arab-Israeli conflict is an incredibly complicated issue. A feasible two state solution plan would halt further formation of Israeli settlements in West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. The parts of the current wall or planned wall that stretch past the 1967 green border should be moved back to the border. Also, any current Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory should be forced to relocate. Concomitantly, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas should be required to denounce violence and agree to end terrorism. Although it would be optimal for Israelis and Palestinians to coexist in one state, the formation of two independent states is the only possible solution where peace could be accomplished. Creating two independent states along the 1967 borders will allow for the most peace and…

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