The Appropriation Of Different Forms Of Language Essay

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A) Pragmatics refer to the appropriation and use of different forms of language in their appropriate social situations. Across the spectrum of social situations there’s a range of language forms that are socially acceptable for each. Learning to recognize in which instance different language forms are appropriate is known as following pragmatic rules of speech. Communication competence refers to our capacity to use our different language elements in a way that’s effective and completes our output of speech in a way that helps our communication come across in the context we intended it for. This relates closely to pragmatic rules and our understanding of them directly relates to our own communication competence as without following pragmatic rules we can’t have communication competence. This is because as the appropriation of different language forms differs between different people based on beliefs and how they themselves understand pragmatic rules. Therefore these two are extremely closely related because pragmatics aid your communication competence.
One example of this was with the appropriation of greetings amongst different people on different ends of the social hierarchy scale in varied social situations. It resulted in my introduction to the conversation being seen as disrespectful and arrogant context, which was not the intention. The owner of the multi-million dollar building company I was working for, was on a site visit as I proceeded to greet him with…

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