Essay about The Approach Of Recovery Requires Mental Health Services

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The approach to recovery requires mental health services to develop resources that represent not only their own resources, but the developed resources of people with mental illness and their communities. Recovery can impact people when they take an active role to improving their lives, (O’Hagan 2003). Seymour (n.d) also suggests that consumers of mental health and their families can expect agencies to operate in a way that enables support towards recovery to maintain their well being, so that consumers can participate in society, preventing stigma, paving a way to recognition of acceptance and social inclusion.
In reference to Gale and Marshall-Lucette (2012) there is evidence to suggest that stigma has a significant impact on consumers of mental health. Nurses are equipped in their task to form fundamental interventions to reduce stigma. Literature has discussed improvement to train nurses in the philosophy on approach to develop values and attitudes of hopefulness and empowerment as an intrinsic part of recovery. However there is no evidence to suggest that this may not happen in practice the knowledge about how nurses perceive recovery interventions, are through short falls in education and training. However recovery is an agenda that with growth in mental health services has come to the forefront to ensure recovery principles are integrated into service delivery. The focus of recovery is the consumers’ experiences and perceptions of their illness that puts a strong…

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