Essay about The Appreciation Of A Spring

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The appreciation of Danceplus Spring
As the student of Dance appreciation, I am so luck to take this wonderful class this semester because that gives me a lot of opportunities to watch many amazing dance shows. I attended Danceplus Spring, the show was on 23th April 2016 at Mason Gross. It 's a great show, and it impressed me most. So I’d like to talk about this show today. I 'm willing to talk about it in details; the show is so great because it gives me a new feeling about dance. That means a lot for me.
I arrived Mason Gross at 7:00pm, before the show, every audiences are very excited, and we talk about how good this show is, and we are also talk about who is the best dancer of this show. The same expectation for the show makes us the friends, even though we do not know others before. The show is composed by 6 part he, they are “Are You The Profit, Silent Echo, Swamping, PICTOGRAMS, blue dream” and Excerpts from The Rambler. Both of them are great, and I want to talk about more about my favorite one, the PICTOGRAMS. For most of people, PICTOGRAMS is not a traditional dance show because Netta Yerushalmy, the Choreographer is good to break the old rules. In this show, people will not see the traditional things such as, the normal music, the unchanged lights and very formal costume. The music in the show will change and random combination all the time. At the beginning of this part, all dancers are stand in front of a huge timber crib which with a huge number of LED…

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