Essay The Application Of The Admissions Application Process

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Introduction The admissions application process is steadily changing as students are beginning to view colleges earlier and wish to apply to numerous colleges. Hundreds of colleges have removed the individual institutions application and replaced it with the Common Application. The Common Application is used by colleges to ease the stress from applying to numerous schools through separate applications, paying multiple application fees, and submitting the same essay. The Common Application is a one stop shop to send the same application information to all schools listed by the student. This method is supposed to eliminate headache. The following paper will go into detail about the Common Application, how it effects students and their families, and the future for the application.
Review of the Literature The Common Application made its debut online in 1998 with private colleges only. A few years later in 2001, six public universities joined the list of colleges (Hoover, 2013). The Common Application serves over 600 public and private institutions as the liaison for prospective students. Through the same application, students have the chance to apply to large universities such as The University of Alabama in Birmingham to smaller school such as Spring Hill College (Hoover, 2013). To become a participating member of the Common Application, a school must have at least a graduation rate of 70 percent. Any institution below this mark will not get the invitation to join…

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