The Application Of Applied Behavioral Analysis Essay

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This essay discusses the application of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to students in secondary classrooms. The essay will consider the many studies that suggest approaches to resolving behavioral issues such as Operant Conditioning and its four main elements. Management of behavior in classrooms has always been and is still an important element within education. Thorndike stated in the Law of Effect that behaviors do not just happen, but are learned. In like matter, whenever an individual’s response is rewarded or punished, the response is whether strengthened or weakened (Westwood, 2004). This powerful process is called reinforcing. A reinforcer is something given or a consequence that adds to the frequency or influences the length of a behavior (Wiseman & Hunt, 2008). Within studies on behaviors focusing on ABA, comes the concept called ‘Operant Conditioning’. Operant conditioning suggests the use of stimulus, which works as an indication to let the student know what is expected from him, in order to control the behavior (Everton & Weinstein, 2011). Bushell (cited Mather & Goldsteing, 2001) stated that it happens often in classrooms that teachers provide too weak or irrelevant consequences to students, therefore, the action is neither strengthened nor weakened. These neutral consequences are called noise. Therefore, we can argue that teachers must be selective of the reinforcements used to make sure to impact student’s behaviors. Positive reinforcement is the…

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