The Apple Sport Watch Will Change The Relationship Individuals Have With Technology

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Kendra Dell
September 25, 2014
Final Exam Essay

The Apple sport watch will change the relationship individuals have with technology. It will replace wallets, ipods, health trackers and phones creating an all-in-one experience of self-expression. The watch is innovative portable technology that only Apple can provide.

Apple users whom employ the devices full capabilities will stay connected and motivated towards a healthier life. The Apple sport watch never stops thinking of ways to keep individuals moving. All day tracking capabilities helps create, manage and accomplish personal goals.

This product is not only for those interested in health and fitness but also for progressive people driven by design. Innovator and Early adopters will gravitate towards the wearable technologies appearances and relish the products proficiencies. The watch will make anyone proud to be an Apple user.

Innovative materials that provide durability in lightweight finishes coupled with relevant technology sets Apple sport watch apart from market competitors. Pricing and placement will remain slightly more aggressive then the industry competitors average but will serve as a representation of the products quality and value. There is an existing market for smart watches and it will continue to grow. Apple will create a sense of belong through the growth in new fun ways for community connectivity while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Product Overview:
The Apple watch is innovative powerful…

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