The Appearance Of The Family Members Essay

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Have you ever tried to observe the appearance of each one of our family members. What turns sightings our family members turned out to resemble each other. And if that was different from other family members around where we live?

In fact, every child is similar to both parents and her younger brother. Why is that?

Because, the appearance of the child is determined by genes inherited from her mother and father and the carrying capacity of its environment. In particular child mother dominant gene so that it more resembles her mother. While the other children, his father dominant gene so that it more resembles his father. Also on another child, her mother and her father share genes, so he somewhat resembles her mother once somewhat resembles his father.

Gene is a potential carrier of the trait, the appearance of the person depends on the environmental carrying capacity. For example, a person has the gene that could potentially reach 190 cm height. When a person is, the environment is not supportive: eg malnutrition, then maybe the person 's height is only able to reach 185 cm.

Therefore, choose your mate, good genes and a person growing up in a good environment. After that, you lived together with your spouse and your children, in a good environment.

It has become a natural thing if we tend to be attracted to something nice, beautiful and elegant. It can be said to be normal and human. The beauty and elegance of something made into a happy and quiet life. Then, is not an…

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