The Appeal Of The Media Essay

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Everyday, we see advertisements on television, the Internet, and we even hear them on the radio. Products are being marketed towards us twenty-four seven. Companies displaying merchandise towards society usually choose a specific subsection to direct their ad to. For example, all the infomercials on the "awesome and efficient" Dyson vacuum cleaner are not aimed towards fifteen year olds like myself scrolling through the channels to find a show to watch. Dyson plays directs commercials like so towards mothers, and cleaning freaks. How do they get people to buy their vacuum? Through the appeals known as Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Although all three appeals are equally important when attempting to successfully persuade a group of people, one of the most noticeable to a majority of people is probably the appeals to Pathos. The appeals to Pathos include the emotions the argument is exhibiting. A great representation of this is when one is sitting in the living room and the children of Africa appear on the television. A vast number of the kids being malnourished, and extremely unhealthy. Most people have to change the channel because it brings an overwhelming sense of heartache to think that people actually have to go through that kind of misery. Too much emotion, however, may not be helpful at all. Only the strongest of people can keep their eyes on the children of Africa commercial for the whole time, while a majority of people change the channel. Because of too many feelings…

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