The Appeal Of Ban Hydraulic Fracturing Essay

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Appeal to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing, or fracking, has been touted as a potential relief to the high price of oil that Americans have struggled with over the past decade. As the United States and other countries expand their energy production through this process, politicians must be persuaded to support policies that bar it entirely. Fracking techniques result in severe health concerns due to toxic water and air pollutants, are putting our fresh water supply in danger, and have triggered clustered earthquakes in previously seismically calm locations; therefore, in order to save the planet, it is imperative to ban fracking.
Fracking is the process used to increase productivity of wells by extracting oil and natural gas from the shale rock formations deep within the ground. According to an overview on fracking, the method entails forcing a mixture of chemicals mixed with water and sand into holes in existing shafts causing the rock to fracture and release the trapped reserves ("Fracking," sec. How Hydraulic Fracturing Works). The combination of the chemicals used and the pressure exerted on the ground is triggering severe side effects to the environment. Exploring the impacts to the water, air, and land are necessary in understanding why there is a need for prohibition.
Water is earth’s most precious and necessary resource; without it, life cannot survive. Regrettably, fracking is having multiple effects on the supply that will result in significant…

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