The Appeal Of Apple Products Essay examples

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In reviewing the appeal of Apple products to the Hispanic Millennial audience, third-party research was utilized in order to analyze Apple’s core audience and determine how we should compile our target segment based upon those who have a higher propensity to use Apple products.
During this research, we discovered a Forbes article that detailed a market research tool named CivicScience, which collected information from consumers via website surveys for over 300 million responses from 27 million people. Data was pulled from this tool that compared the average Apple iPhone user to an Android user to compare and contrast the differences between the user profiles. From the data pulled within this article, it was determined that the Apple iPhone’s core audience was educated, had a higher house-hold income than average, and most likely had a professional career.
Hispanic Millennials already have an affinity for the Apple brand and often associate the brand with success. A research study performed by Sensis and ThinkNow Research asked Hispanic Millennials “Which brands or companies do you associate with “success”?”, which placed Apple as the number one brand with 28% of votes.
2.3 Planned Target Market Segmentation
By performing an analysis on the research found for Hispanic Millennials and reviewing the iPhone’s core audience, strengths, and weaknesses, it is recommended that the Apple iPhone be targeted to more affluent, senior members of the Hispanic Millennial community.…

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