The Apology And The Allegory Of The Cave Essay

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Plato 's "The Apology" and "The Allegory of the Cave" essentially provide the same message through different mediums -- the self and the soul is taken care of through the pursuit of truth, and self-criticism and self-inquiry help keep the soul in check, ensuring that the soul is being taken care of. From these two pieces, the "care" for our "soul" or our "self" means that people are obliged to become more meaningful. Caring for the self involves the highest level of morality and knowledge to the highest level as possible. People should be constantly re-examining their lives in order to improve themselves. Caring for the self involves constant self-improvement.

We should care for ourselves by ensuring that we are the best possible person we can be, whether that be intellectually or morally. People should challenge themselves and their lives constantly, questioning themselves and their lives constantly, to ensure that they are living the lives that they want to live. Caring for ourselves involves setting goals, a vision of the ideal version of who you are, and forming steps and executing them to gradually become that person. This vision of the ideal person should be dependent from person to person, based on their beliefs of what is truly right and wrong. A person may weave aspects of the moral, intellectual, spiritual, or philosophical, to become who they truly want to be. All of these methods for caring for ourselves -- morally, intellectually, spiritually, or…

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