Essay The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

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The Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 marked an entire generation of manmade success. The following texts focus on the Apollo 11 moon landing and contain different perspectives on the matter. The Times article is very analytical, the speech by Safire focuses mostly on the emotional half of the moon landing, Rand’s article portrays the launch as very positive and figurative, Hemlocks cartoon criticizes the negative attention the space launch gets. Each of the passages uses important rhetorical techniques in order to effectively get their purpose across. The first article by Times of London stresses the significance of the moon landing as an International event, important to all mankind. The next article by William Safire speaks of the tragedy that could occur during the moon landing and mourns for the brave men who participated. The third article by Ayn Rand speaks of the optimistic side and greatness of the space launch. The last article illustrates a symbol of hate the Apollo 11 mission gets from the public. The success of the Apollo 11 mission is an obvious point that all articles are trying to get across. Reading these articles Not only inform you of the mission that occurred but the authors put in their feelings of agreement with titles such as “greatness” and “symbolic”. The combination of facts and emotions within the articles strongly persuade you to agree that the moon landing was a global achievement that marked as a stepping stone in technology. “Man takes first…

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