Essay on The Apocalypse : Only The Strong Survive

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With the Apocalypse finally upon us, it was a matter of minutes before my sorority sisters and I would take the stage. It was the night of the National Pan-Hellenic step show on my university’s campus, and this year’s theme was “The Apocalypse: Only the Strong Survive.” Any normal competitor would be reviewing the steps in their head, but after noticing my sweaty palms and rapid heart beat, I was distracted by my rising cortisol levels. Endocrine hormones were the topic of discussion that week in physiology lecture, and I knew I was in a situation where I had to “fight” instead of take “flight.” Although still nervous, the brief distraction from the bright lights and hundreds of individuals in the coliseum was much needed.
My proclivity towards the scientific base of things is the reason I am occasionally considered a science wiz by my peers; but years ago I would have never reflected on myself as such. My first true run-in with science happened during the summer of my junior year of high school, when I received the opportunity to participate in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute summer research program. Aside from performing numerous experiments, I uncovered a deep fascination of science and research, as well as the discipline needed to carry it out. Thanks to my hard work, I was invited to come back as a peer mentor for the following year.
With those two summers behind me, it was time to start my journey off to college. A career in medicine is what I have always dreamed…

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