The Apartheid Of South Africa Essay

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Human rights are one of the basic rights that people are born with regardless of their gender, race, religion, nationality, and social status. Nowadays, people take human rights as granted; however, history shows that human rights are earned instead of given. Many bloody and costly conflicts occurred in the past were actually caused by discriminations against race, religion and sex. Without being too sensitive about contentious topics, one has to admit the fact that Africans suffered the most from violations against humanity. Not only they were treated as slaves, but also their motherland was exploited. Early travelers from the Europe to Africa described Africans as a less free people (Byrnes, 18). Such disrespectful and barbarous thought gave the self-righteous whites a wrong sense of superiority and left the native Africans with endless isolation and mistreat in the past centuries. In order to better understand how colonialism shapes the development of South Africa, this paper will first discuss the history of South Africa, discover the truths of apartheid and then explores the influence of apartheid. the TRC is quite effective to help South Africa overcome the legacies of apartheid.

Dutch and British colonialism: Fighting over resources is the primary reason of conflicts in human history. No states officials pay attention to foreign lands until they see potential lucrative gains for their own countries’ development through exploiting other places. Despite the fact…

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