Essay about The Apartheid Of African Americans

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America tried to do the unbelievable during Reconstruction; they tried to abolish slavery altogether. This process was a complete failure and it only made southerners hate African Americans even more. The purpose of Reconstruction was to reunite the Southern states with the North and make America whole again. After and during Reconstruction, Africans were treated very poorly. As fellow Americans, the government was supposed to treat everyone with equality, however, Africans still were not being treated like humans. Organizations were created against the African culture and would follow them around and tease and taunt them. There were laws created against African Americans that put limits on what they could and could not do. One of the last major, defects of Reconstruction was Africans were constantly fighting for their true freedom and the right to vote. Reconstructions was ultimately a complete failure. Terror groups were created in spite of African Americans and were one of the most dehumanizing events in american history. One of the major anti-african groups that is very well known today was the Klu-Klux-Klan. The KKK is responsible for millions of African American deaths. Freedman explains the horrors that the Africans were forced to face. The KKK would ride around at night aiming to do only one thing, harm as many blacks as they could. The Klu-Klux-Klan would “rob, whip, rape, and kill any person of color”, even children and women (Doc A). Although slavery was…

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