The Apache, Navajo, And Iroquois Creation Myth And Legend Stories

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I have never been one with strong held believes in the creation of humans or life on earth from god or gods. I lean heavier towards the theory of life evolution. How does what I believe in and what I have read on American Indian beliefs compare to one another. Also how their creations myths and legends compare to my current beliefs and the Christian and other teachings I grow up with. I will be looking at the Apache, Navajo, and Iroquois creation myth and legend stories. One of the first American Indian creation I read was the Iroquois creation legend. Their story tells us that immortals one where also no new sky people where born. They lived on floating island in the sky. The world below them was covered in water. Where birds and other water animals lived. A sky woman had become pregnant with twins. These outraged her husband and he pushed her over the floating island to watery earth below. The birds had seen her falling and rescued her. The water animals created placed mud from the waters bottom on a giant turtle to make a place for the fallen sky woman. She gave birth to twin sons, one was good and the other bad. In time the two fought and good prevailed. Those from the good son became the Iroquois people.1 This tale of the earth being created from a fallen immortal sky people gives similar to the creation myths from immortal Greek gods. How the good son created all that was good in the world seems almost god like that created humans and the bad son could be seen as…

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