The Anxiety Disorder ( Gad ) Essay

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Anxiety is an emotion to which most people will attest having experienced. That feeling of worry and uneasiness about an upcoming event is a feeling almost everyone can relate to. In fact, despite how negative it may be to experience it, anxiety is a very useful mechanism that helps people prepare for dangerous situations. But what happens when that feeling becomes an issue for the person who experiences it, or even the people around them? When it no longer becomes something a person experiences here and there, but rather a constant obstacle they are forced to attempt to overcome on a day-to-day basis? In cases like this, the person may be suffering from what is known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). This paper will provide a brief analysis of GAD by presenting its symptoms, relevant statistics and information, possible causes, and possible treatments. To be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, a person must have experienced excessive anxiety and worry for more than 6 months in a row (Coon, Mitterer, Brown, Brown, Malik, and McKenzie, 2013, p.448). There are few things that often make diagnosing GAD difficult. For one, the inconspicuous difference between normal anxiety and GAD makes it hard to distinguish between the two (Gliatto, 2000, p.2). Also, GAD is rarely diagnosed by itself, with most patients also suffering from other psychiatric disorders (Woodman, 1997, p.4). Nonetheless, GAD still has its share of identifiable symptoms, all of which can be…

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