The Anxiety Depression And Depression Essay

1251 Words Oct 21st, 2014 null Page
High schoolers now have the same anxiety levels as insane asylum mental patients during the 1950’s.This might be because teenagers are becoming extremly stressed and some even become depressed because of all the work they get at school.Most adults or people in general don’t understand the feeling that 36% of american teens and adults are going through and that total is growing at a rapid pace.So many people don’t always get the treatment they need because they are either to scared to tell someone they feel that way or people don’t believe them.Most americans going through depression also have other things wrong,people with an anxiety disorder will most likely suffer from depression or vise versa.since i have this unfortunate disorder i have become an expert at this subject.When teens have depression they often feel very overwhelmed and grow up with more problems like social anxiety.In more intense cases of depression people must be put in a hospital so they do not harm themselves or others.Now a days people don’t take depression that lightly anymore,but bullying is still a big problem in america so the depression and suicide rates are going up way higher than they should be.
Did you know that the women from the age of 18 to 45 are most affected by depression? Women that are pregnant also find themselves to have this disorder,but why? On a biological stance women have a stronger genetic predisposition to develop depression than me do. “women are much more…

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