The Anti War Movement Of Vietnam Essay example

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The Anti-War Movement “Like most Americans, I had only seen war only through the cooling lens of a TV camera. I knew the statistics: so many dead, so many bombs dropped. But seeing in person, driving past dozens of devastated buildings, was far more emotional, even in the dark.” (Zimmerman 260). President Lyndon B. Johnson refused to lose Vietnam, and he feared losing Vietnam would send them in the direction as China. In 1960, Viet-Cong rebels from south revolted causing the election to be Ho Chi Minh was a part of. In 1962, John F. Kennedy sends 16,000 advisors to defeat the Viet-Cong. The Viet-Cong most of the country side in Vietnam, and once Johnson was in office he began sending combat troops. Because of supported attitudes, there was legal justification for the U.S. to enter Vietnam. The president said that the Americans were defending freedom, but it was hard to understand how was defending anybody. The Vietnam war was a very bloody war. 58,000 were dead by the end of the war. Potter described the war as a “cultural genocide.” Aside from the Napalm, gas, or crop destruction, there was torture put upon women and children. The war didn’t do anything for Freedom in the United States. Government control became more vigorous, and they began to manipulate the media to control citizen opinion using false information. The Vietnam Day Committee voiced their positon against the war, and couldn’t grasp what kind of country would make men make those kinds of decisions…

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