Essay about The Anti War Movement Of Vietnam

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The Anti-war movement started during the 1960s and shaped America’s public opinion on conflicts for years to come. As in all its conflicts, the support of the people on the homefront influences America’s military commitment.. Without Homefront support, the American war machine dies. American pop culture during the 60s and 70s, sought to change public opinion against the Vietnam War. Through blatant anti-war lyrics to their actions, the popular artists and musicians of the era influenced the mindset of a generation to oppose the military actions in Vietnam.
Vietnam was a French colony dating back to mid 1800s. Vietnam was meant as a farming colony for the production of agricultural products such as tobacco, tea, and coffee. The French treated their Vietnamese subjects poorly by denying civil rights and not allowing them to form their own government. Because of the French treatment, tensions rose between the Vietnamese and French. In 1946, Vietnamese rebels began a campaign to establish independence from French rule. In an effort to quell the uprising the French sent their military to stop the rebels.
Up until 1949, the Vietnamese rebels fought unaided against the French. That is until the newly communist China intervened and began supplying the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese rebels used guerilla warfare against the French. They would do quick, deadly attacks on French bases, then retreat back into the jungle until ordered to strike again. This tactic was effective in withering…

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