The Anti Hero : Dexter Morgan, Age 42, Blood Splatter Analyst For The L.a

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Dexter Morgan, age 42, blood splatter analyst for the L.A.P.D., hardworking, focused, and determined, a serial killer of serial killers. Wait, what? That’s right, a man seemingly just like you and me harbors a substantially large secret. But don’t all of us harbor secrets as well? Secrets that we don’t want anyone else to find out? Is this why we’re so drawn to people like Dexter Morgan, the anti-hero? The answer is yes because secretly they are representations of our own unconscious. Whether we want to admit it or not these “anti-hero” characters that show up so often in mainstream media indirectly help us through Carl G. Jung’s process of individuation. This process has helped many sift through their dreams to get to the center of their own unconscious and to become as Jung put it, whole. But instead of dreams, Jung’s process of individuation can also be applied to the TV character Dexter Morgan from the popular TV series Dexter to help us better understand ourselves and the culture that we find ourselves living in.
The Shadow is the first being that one must come into contact with in order to achieve individuation. This Shadow, however, is not like the one that follows you around on a sunny day. Although similar in some aspects, this shadow cannot be seen easily by many people. In fact, it is not a physical manifestation at all. The realization of said shadow can help an individual progress further into understanding their unconscious. With that in mind, the realization…

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