The Anonymity Of The Internet Essay

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The anonymity of the internet provides a false sense of approval or acceptance.

“Being identifiable breeds responsibility; anonymity breeds irresponsibility” (Prager, 2007).

Past stigmas do not apply to an individual online. Only with the exception of online activity being released (similar to the recent Ashley Madison release).

In Prager’s article in 2007 he provides some key phrases that identify key points to support how important online anonymity is.
-Being identifiable breeds responsibility; anonymity breeds irresponsibility.
-That is why people — even generally decent people — tend to act so much less morally when in a crowd (the crowd renders them anonymous).
-That is why people tend to act more decently when they walk around with their names printed on a nametag.
-That is why people act more rudely when in their cars — they cannot be identified as they could outside of their car.
-There is no question but that most people would write very different entries on the Internet if their names were printed alongside their submission.
(Prager, 2007)

Apply similar principles as printed material restrictions
Some stores can not sell
Some are restricted to top-shelf only selling
Some are 18 or older entry restricted

Reinstitute 47 U.S. Code

Every parent apply the 8 tools to block online pornography
Safe search mode
Operating System family safety tools
Family safety tool services
Check browser history
Restricted/Private social networking setting
Scan photos on cell…

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