The Annual Survey Of Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Children Essay

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The 2009-10 Annual Survey of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Youth of the Gallaudet Research Institute, Gallaudet University revealed the demographics of deaf or hard hearing (DHH) children and youth with no other conditions and those with other conditions such as low vision, blindness, developmental delay, learning disability, emotional disturbance, orthopedic impairment, intellectual disability, and autism.
Out of a total of 32334 DHH children and youth surveyed nationwide with known information, 19741 or 61.1% had no other conditions or disabilities, with 2720 or 56.1% coming from the Northeast, 4009 or 57.3% from the Midwest, 8428 or 63.9% from the South, and 4584 62.9% from the West. There were 1228 or 3.8% DHH children and youth who had low vision, with 213 or 4.4% coming from the Northeast, 265 or 3.8% from the Midwest, 472 or 3.6% from the South, and 278 or 3.8% from the West. There were 550 or 1.7% DHH children and youth who had blindness, with 60 or 1.2% coming from the Northeast, 83 or 1.2% from the Midwest, 309 or 2.3% from the South, and 98 or 1.3% from the West. DHH children who had development delay were 1728 or 5.3%, with 413 or 8.5% coming from the Northeast, 340 or 4.9% from the Midwest, 513 or 3.9% from the South, and 462 or 6.3% from the West. There were 2602 or 8.0% DHH children and youth who had learning disability, with 601 or 12.4% coming from the Northeast, 637 or 9.1% from the Midwest, 707 or 5.4% from the South, and 657 or 9.0% from the…

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