The Animals Of The Wild Essays

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Between 5,000 and 7,000 tigers are kept, as pets in the United States, which is more than currently, exist in the wild. People believe it’s a marvelous idea to in slave animals in their own sense of enjoyment and take away the nature of exotic species. Domesticating wild mammalians can invite extreme situation, such as the beast becoming dangerous when they once seem innocent, and these action leads the animal to be on the endangered species list; therefore they should be rehabilitated then released into their natural habitat.
I am by no means against rescuing these mighty mammals for rehabilitation, to then be released back into their natural habitat. The purpose is to take a wild animal in for care to nurse it back to it full health. Once the animal becomes healthy, it should be discharged back into the wild, yet people are forgetting to do this action. If the animal will not survive in the wilderness, then I understand holding it captive, but to just keep them for pets because you are too emotionally attached to let them go is baffling. The intent of people doing this is because they are taking it upon themselves to rescue these helpless animals, then later they get too emotionally attached to release them back into their natural environment. Animals like these “have evolved behaviors and adaptations” for surviving life-threatening condition in the ecosystem, which isn’t suitable for an enclosed environment. It is the duty of the human race to make sure that these…

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