The Animal Rights Movement Essay example

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The animal rights movement is pedestaled on the belief that social mores and conventions have objective reality upon this Earth; that non-human animals are in charge of their own lives. For the past ten years, the animal personhood has onslaught many swine farmers, and has tried to inculcate meat consumers, by utilizing a myriad of strategies and tactics. Many of which include: legal action, public protest and direct action. Moreover, thanks to the advent of social media, the technology has given them the advantage of reaching many viewers, and has given them the ability to multiply their impact and evolve views of animal consumption, simultaneously. Their interference with the livestock industry however, has brought both pros and cons. With hundreds of millions of livestock animals such as pigs, cattle, chickens and sheep being raised to be slaughtered for consumption each year, the agribusiness industry receives a lot of criticism from the movement. Although their objective is to stretch out to all territories of mankind 's contact with animals, two areas are chiefly focused: to put an end to the intensive methods of raising livestock for slaughter and to protect all fur-bearing animals. Organizations today, such as PETA, have exposed the “unpleasant” and “brutal” operations that are utilized to mass-produce meat to the public. A swine farm for example, was discovered to have swine doomed to a short life, where they were kept inside narrow farrowing wooden crates— a…

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