The Anglo Saxons Essay

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Everybody knows that usually wherever you live that the first warrior that you know is a knight. However not many people know how important the Anglo Saxons were. The Anglo Saxons made many technology development and their culture is very interesting and their stories everyone loves.
First while they were not the first ones to try they were the first ones to build a successful trebuchet, catapult, and mortar. The trebuchet is a siege and defense weapon that uses a counter weight and a rope attached to a object. The catapult.ho is a defense weapon because they couldn 't get the height needed to reach over the castle walls. It uses a winch to pull down a basket type thing which is where you put whatever you 're shooting. Then when you pull the lever it lets the spring launch the basket forward and with it whatever you put in.The mortar is a siege weapon that used the first projectile that was explosive. It was a large iron barrel like a cannon except much shorter and much wider and shoots an explosive shell over high walls.
All of the Anglo Saxons were christians and always went to church with a certified priest and they could get a priest to go with them when they traveled. The churches were probably the most beautiful buildings in the cities and the churches had a lot of political power. The priest however were usually good hearted and kind so they didn’t abuse it that much. Mobile priest were used when someone went on an adventure or when knights would go into battle and…

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