Essay on The Anglo-Saxon Sonnet: Rewriting Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130

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The Anglo-Saxon Sonnet: Rewriting a Shakespeare’s Sonnet “130”
Through the Eyes of the Author of Beowulf
My woman’s sight-seers shine like the sun;
Her kiss-givers grant a great fiery glow;
Her bone-house is a rare beast made to stun;
The hairs on her head hang as soft as snow.
Like a pollen-producer gleams garnet,
Her cheeks blush, blinding any early man;
Unlike a slimy serpent’s foul sweat,
Her scent smells of fresh gold, or better than.
Her voice flows like the whale-road, that I’m sure,
My love quickens when I hear her murmur;
She strolls above the ground, I can assure,
For my toes touch the terrain more firmer. My fondness for her, rapid in my heart, Will keep us together, never to part. William
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740-43). I purposely followed the author of Beowulf’s similar depiction by writing, “Unlike a slimy serpent’s foul sweat”. Even though this is not as ghastly as the descriptions in Beowulf, it still precedes to give the reader a picture of a gross creature. The lines following in my poem read, “Her scent smells of fresh gold, or better than,” which indicates a drastic contrast between these two descriptions. The difference between a creepy, gooey creature and a gleaming treasure is easily noticed and distinguishable. The gruesomeness in Beowulf is reconstructed in my alteration of sonnet “130.” The poem Beowulf is widely identified for using an extensive amount of alliteration. The author adapts the reiteration of consonants to aid in strengthening the rhythm of the poem. Alliteration, without question, is a writing technique the author of Beowulf would display if he was given the duty of rewriting Shakespeare’s sonnet “130.” I knew alliteration was a necessity in my rewriting of the poem, which prompted me to write, “Her kiss-givers grant a great fiery glow.” This repetition of the letter “g” and the sound it makes creates an even and consistent flow through the line. Another example from my poem is, “Like a pollen-producer

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