Essay on The Anger Of The Residents

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We are trying to use this plan to lower the outrage of the residents since this is a low hazard situation. Hopefully, we can lower the outrage through the communication between the residents and the stakeholders. Good communication skills not only helps the residents get a better understanding about this event but built trust among people as well. We are trying to use communication to help them reach a consensus, furthermore future cooperation.
In this case, we make posters and brochures to motive residents’ interest and guide them to receive more information about the radioactivity. Once the residents have a clear idea about that the nuclear power plant only releases a small amount of radioactivity, which doesn’t lead to high hazard; they will accept this nuclear power plant. However, the residents who are living in this area don’t have very good educational background, which leads to lacking of information about radiation. Significant lacking of relevant background knowledge is the main reason of why the residents live an extremely panicked life.
All these reasons make the residents have a high outrage of the nuclear power plant. We perceive that lower education background will enhance the difficulty of persuading residents to accept this nuclear power plant.
There are a variety of reasons for this phenomenon. A large number of the assumptions and uncertainties are embedded in this event. It is worth noting that people are really panic about this event even this plant…

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