The Angels Of Peace Essay

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Angels of Peace
Through the life we live, many of us have suffered many trials and temptations. I will save you the details of what was going on in our life at this time, but I will say that this was a very powerful moment in our life. For you see, when you are going through somethings, you feel as though you are all alone. And if you do not reach out to friends and family, you are alone. Many times in our life we do not reach out to others to help us because the issues that we are dealing with is to embarrassing. And we do not want even our closest friends to know what is going on. So we keep our mouth shut and just try to deal with these things ourself. But this situation had gotten so our of hand that fear had griped our hearts. So going into the office of our pastor, we began to share with him what was going on. He was right to the point at helping us realize that we have not really turned things over to God. Instead we were trying to take matters into our own hands and because of this we were thinking carnal.

As our meeting was coming to a close, one of the things our pastor did was pray over us that the angel of peace would come into our life and help us. That Sunday night service began and what an amazing move of God that was flowing. I had made my way to the altar to pray and seek God. While there, my wife came up and joined me. Oh what a grand time we had there. God came in and moved in a mighty way. We felt peace and joy. It was amazing. After we got through…

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