The And Visions Of Desert Solitaire Essay

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Throughout time man is possessed with the question, what is culture? The question results in two answers. There is one with positive feedback or one with negative feedback. Culture is dependent upon the influences of people and how they interact with each other in their said culture and others in a different said culture, by which they create societal norms for people to categorize themselves. The interpretation of what culture is or should be like differs upon each individual’s own beliefs. Some believe that culture is bad and others the opposite. One’s view is entirely dependent upon what culture is in the current circumstances and their view of an ideal culture. With one’s presupposition to what culture should be they then are able to formulate their opinion on whether or not the current culture is negative or positive.
In the chapter “Episodes and Visions” of Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness (1968) Edward Abbey defined the current culture as selfish, self-centered, and egotistic. In the beginning of the chapter the tourists who come to visit Arches National Park in Utah all ask him different questions. All the questions he mentions they ask him pertain to modern day technology such as where is the coke machine and when are they going to pave a new road. He remarks to them in a playful manner, but it is clear he does not think much of these tourists.
Abbey even questions the tourists asking, “What is the principle of the TV?” (Abbey 92). She simply responds…

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