Essay The And Value Of Social Media

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As a Current University of Utah football player I know the importance and value of social media. Social Media gives me and my teammates the opportunity to reach out to fans which we are encouraged to do by our coaches. At the same time, we as student athlete are demanded by the NCAA to keep our social media activities to a bare minimum. Especially if you’re a collegiate player making headlines on ESPN. One wrong post could jeopardize you, your team, your university, and importantly your scholarship.
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook allow teams and players to be interactive and personal with fans. They can use these platforms to not only provide basic team news updates, but to share information about autograph signings, charity events, or ticket specials too. One of the most important aspects of any sports team is that they have a loyal, growing fan base that feels like they are valued and appreciated. Therefore, these fans will stand by their team through thick and thin. Social media provides the perfect opportunity for that. Sports teams and athletes are becoming more and more efficient at using social media to create a positive impact on their team and their fan’s. One of the positive impacts of social media on professional sports is the ability to share news and information with fans through it. I believe the University of Utah sports teams are great at social media we always keep our fans updated about all events for all teams.
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