The And The United States Essay

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1. One reason that many Indians probably aren’t all that concerned with hijras is because of their political system. Hijras are not going to be running for office, voting, or interfering with the community as a whole in any way other than to perform. Hijras are the lowest of the low, below the lowest part of the caste system (Lecture 2), so that really leaves them as maybe an annoyance to some, but not necessarily a problem. If America took the right to vote or get married away from homosexual/transgendered people and didn’t allow them to run for office, I think we would hear much less complaining from a great many people...especially certain news outfits that may or may not rhyme with the word "box".
I believe Indian people probably live in a society that is more open minded to the fact that there may be an in-between sex, similar to the Xanith of Oman (Pg. 130) or the Mahu 's of Tahiti (Pg. 135). They don’t seem to be stuck on a gender dichotomy like we in the West seem to be. "The hijras are evidence that the Hindu Indian cultural system not only acknowledges multiple gender, but also incorporates the idea, in myth and reality, that sex and gender can be changed within an individual 's lifetime." (Pg. 129)
You mentioned in the beginning of lecture 2 on this book that "Hijras live on the fringes of society and are despised by most people". Are there people/organizations that are trying to "fix" these hijras? Or are Hindu 's less fanatic about their religion than a lot of…

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