The And The Terrorist By Leti Volpp And No Such Thing As Racial Profiling

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“Citizen and the Terrorist”, written by Leti Volpp and “No Such thing as Racial Profiling”, authored by Jelani Cobb elaborated on the heated debate surrounding the mistreatment of minorities by government and law enforcement officials. Volpp centralizes her article on the dangers of classifying and targeting of minorities, where as, Cobb centers his argument of the effects of targeting. Notwithstanding some serious deliberation after reading these articles, it can be easily ascertained that there is no reason to scrutinize any individual based on what they wear, how they look, or what they believe. Governmental and law enforcement officials along with their unjustified treatment of minorities generate fear of being racially profiled and subjected to unethical tactics. Racial profiling of any group should be deemed as outright racism. There is no action to warrant scrutinizing individuals because of the pigmentation of their skin. In Both articles, the authors inform the audience of the stigma surrounding minorities which lead up to racial profiling. This odium has caused a deep divide amongst the races, nonetheless, the issue is rooted in a huge misunderstanding and the misconceptualization of what racial profiling actually is. The reading of these two articles allow interested parties to take a closer look from both sides.
While reviewing these two articles, both authors agree that something has to be done about criminal activity that hurt the populace. Death in masses…

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