The And The System Of Care Essay

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John is a mandated client which means that he is required to meet with me against his will. I will need to be understanding and supportive of his situation, acknowledging that this is a difficult situation for all. It would be a challenge to motivate John into becoming actively engaged in treatment but it’s the responsibility of the John, myself and the system of care.
The intake process will be the first step in establishing a relationship with John. It’s important to share information with him about confidentiality, the therapeutic process, and available services. This will also be the time to obtain a release of information and any other signed authorizations and or documents.
Since John is a mandated client, part of establishing trust would also be to inform him of his basic rights as an inpatient. The more he understands about the state laws and treatment options, the more empowered he will begin to feel.
This is an important opportunity to learn about what has brought John into care. The goal of the intake is to acquire a foundation or general composite of John’s worldview.
What are some questions that you might use as part of the interview to acquire John’s Worldview and bring out his strengths and weakness?
Worldview is the way someone thinks about the world, their beliefs and assumptions about reality. It’s imperative to assess what a person’s world view is because it’s an important aspect of a person’s way of thinking and behavior. A person’s worldview is shaped…

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