The, And The Longest War : Women And Power Essay

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Documentaries are often used in academic settings to expand a student’s knowledge on a certain topic. Although some can be mundane and biased, others can be quite thought-provoking. Three documentaries that we have watched over the course of this summer class, are Treasures of Chinese Porcelain, The Story of Women and Art: Episode 2, and The Longest War: Women and Power – Part 2. I found each of these three documentaries to be equally captivating. Although each film discussed different matters, they can all be tied together through their discussions of gender roles. The film that was most successful in describing the roles of women, however, was The Longest War: Women and Power – Part 2. To start, in the film Treasures of Chinese Porcelain, it never specifically speaks of gender roles. The film discusses the production and exportation of porcelain and how people went into a porcelain craze. Some were willing to spent all of their family’s wealth just to get their hands on a piece of this desired artwork. Although it never discussed who specifically took part in the production of porcelain, viewers can infer that it was men because of a letter written by a priest to Rome, and because of the way the narrator describes the journey workers took to deliver the goods. The men whose work was to carry porcelain through the mountains was extremely tough both mentally and physically. These men had to continue to push themselves when they fell and got hurt because the…

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