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Throughout the course of this study there have been several intriguing characters and events. However, none seem to fascinate and catch my attention more than the letters of John. For some, John is just another view, another angle, and another account to confirm the identity, life, and teachings of our Lord and Savior. But to me, the author’s encounter and testimony gives the upmost credibility and validity for our purpose, our reason for existence, and most importantly, how and why we should live.


Thus, I will give a brief overview of the John and the letters that were written and placed in Scripture. To do so, I will begin with a brief introduction of the author and the settings of the Johannine community. Secondly, I will give a brief summary of the book of John. Lastly, I will explain the importance of John and its purpose and existence to describe and teach its audience of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

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The Authorship and Setting of the Book of John

Rhodes, the author of The Mighty Acts of God described the book of John as The Gospel of the Son of God (Rhodes, 238). Although there is disagreement in the authorship of John, most identify the authorship to have been John, the son of Zebedee one of the twelve disciples.

Though the gospel of John is very different from the 3 other gospels, there are many similarities between them as well. Rhodes gives us a few examples such as the describing of…

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