The And The Jewel By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Essay example

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At the current rate of globalization in the twenty first century, many countries, cities, and even villages are being culturally influenced by Western ideals. Many are willing to accept this change as the way of the future, however, others are choosing to preserve their individual culture or at least approach these new ideals with skepticism. Wole Soyinka’s Lion & The Jewel is a story that exquisitely portrays the conflicting desire to follow tradition or concede to cultural change from a more powerful entity, having faith that it will somehow improve your life. Cell One, a short story written by the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, shows us how Western society does not disseminate an exclusively positive influence, and that there are many elements of the “modern world” that have overtly negative effects around the world. Through the power of story, Soyinka and Adichie demonstrate the risk involved with unquestioning belief.
Lion & The Jewel takes place in the Yoruba village, a very rural area of Nigeria. Although traditional and isolated, the far-reaching influence of Westernism has managed to find its way into their homes. The general feeling of the village surrounding Western culture is one of skepticism and indecisiveness, stemming from their lack of knowledge about the West. Actions that are socially acceptable in the West are viewed as bizarre. One instance where this is evident occurs when Sidi claims that kissing is “unclean.” When Lakunle plants an…

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