Essay on The And The Important Men

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Abina and the Important Men is a useful resource for teaching students that have no recollection or familiarity with classes that relates to African History. African History talks about the different aspects of slavery in Africa. Also, the novel discusses how women became slaves owned by men as master. The men master manages the women as it relates to their manual labor whether it’s in the field or the homes. As a representation, the Abina was owned by an “important man.” The important man was cutting beads and cloths that were giving to her. The book contains a primary and secondary source that provides a historical framework of the existence of slavery in the Gold Coast. Secondly, the graphic novel of this book helps gain student’s attention about imperialism as well as engages students on the importance of imperialism. Also, the content, fluency, and visual of this book will engage students’ knowledge as well as create a clear understanding of what the book is interpreting for the readers. On the other hand, the novel was not clear in regards to Abina being captured or born into slavery, because there was hardly any indication as to how Abina was either captured or born into slavery. The authors Liz Clarke and Trevor R. Getz use the story and voice that was given to a slave that suffered from inequality and wanted her story heard in court.
Many students can gain important facts relating to the history and the discuss novel because it elaborates and speaks on the…

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