Essay on The And The Fundamental Values Of Being Different

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The Fosters and the fundamental values of being different
The ABC Family original series The Fosters takes several aspects of underlined debates around LGBT parenting. Offering an alternative to both views, a model of queer parenting that neither assumes the heterosexuality and gender normativity of any child, nor waits for children to “come out” before showing acceptance. The Fosters explores the fear and possibility of queer childhood and the hope of healthy yet different queer relationships. Also it touches on what is to be able have “trust” and learn from previous experiences.
The foundation of this phenomenal series revolves around the eight Foster family members: Stef Foster; Lena Adams-Foster; biological son of Mike and Stef, Brandon Foster; the adoptive twins, Mariana and Jesus Foster; the dad of Brandon, Mike Foster; and the foster/new adoptive siblings, Callie and Jude. Also Wyatt, a close friend Callie meets up on her rocky journey of acceptance whom she forms a close and personal bond with.
Since from the beginning, the show has presented Jude (one of the main character’s and Callie’s little brother) as exploring his gender and sexuality, and his new foster, later adoptive, parents, Lena Adams and Stef Foster whom try not to rush him. Early on, we learn that the recent foster parent of Jude had beat him after discovering him trying on a dress. Once Jude arrives at the Adams-Foster house, he paints his fingernails blue. Callie warns him to not be as expressing…

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