Essay about The And The Arts Of Resistance : Hidden Transcripts

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Coded Transcripts
In Domination and the Arts of Resistance: Hidden Transcripts, James Scott (1990) argues that subordinated groups engage in forms of resistance that Scott calls "infrapolitics." Infrapolitics are practiced in secret, and are designed to go unnoticed by the superordinate group within society. Essential to the idea of infrapolitics are the two types of interactions that exist within an oppressed society: public and private. Scott call these public transcripts and hidden transcripts. According to Scott, we must look at not just the public transcripts, but also the hidden ones in order to gain a full understanding of the resistance of subordinate groups, as the public transcripts alone will give false perceptions of the willingness of the subordinate groups to accept their subordination. Into this context, I attempt to theorize about what might be an unexplored element of these interactions. How are hidden transcripts altered in contexts of high penetration of the state intelligence apparatus into subordinate groups, as appeared in the case of the Soviet Union, where subordinate groups may not always be able to talk openly amongst each other, as hidden transcript theories suggest that people will? In this context, while there still exists hidden transcripts, among those with high levels of trust, there will also be interactions among people who, unsure of the intentions of the other, will questioning the public transcript only in ways that do not obviously…

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