The And Systematic Dehumanization Of Jews During The Holocaust

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The gradual and systematic dehumanization of Jews started in Germany in 1933, and did not end until the fall of The Third Reich at the end of WWII. The organized slaughter of millions of Jews in the Holocaust is something that one may find hard to fully comprehend. The film Schindler’s List demonstrates this social turn, whereby over the course of 15 or so years, one race of people was framed to be the cause of Germanys misfortune, to the point of absolute hatred and slaughter. The tracks of anti-Semitism ran deep throughout German society, and this led to the genocide of the Jews in the Holocaust. These horrific events can never be forgotten, and the impact of the manifestation of anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust still lingers today.

The sinister thinking behind the Nazi empire in WWII was from the warped and manipulative mind of Adolf Hitler. After WWI, although Germany was in disgrace, and was in economic ruin, Jews were among those who tried to re-build Germany. The Nazi party came about not originally as one with anti-Semitic values, but more as a party that wanted to restore Germany to its prior glory. However thereafter the anti-Semitic stance of the party became clear. The question is raised, without anti-Semitism and de-humanization of the Jewish people, the gradual dehumanization of Jews, could not have happened.

In 1933, Hitler was appointed as the Chancellor of the German Reich, and the boycotting of Jewish businesses and Nazi burning of Jewish…

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