The And Survivors Of Slavery : Modern Day Slave Narratives Essay

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Source: Murphy, Laura T. Survivors of Slavery: Modern-day Slave Narratives. New York: Columbia University Press, 2014.

Notes: Minh Dang, a survivor of domestic sex trafficking in the United States, writes a personal letter to the respected members of the anti-human trafficking movement addressing how to effectively work to fight modern-day slavery. Minh Dang describes her experiences and how she felt as a victim in this horrific industry.

• “I have often described my experience of trafficking as being like that of a caged animal at the zoo…. my movements were restricted and monitored, and my environment was not native to me. I was isolated from others in my own species. Although this simile fits, I have come to find that I also often felt like an alien. I always knew that I resembled human beings because of my two eyes, two arms, two legs, and same general body shape; however, it appeared as if I were not thinking or living like other human beings I witnessed” (Foreword VIII).

Notes: Individual experiences of enslavement - Despite the differences in the various forms of slavery that exist in the 21st century, the survivor testimonies bear a remarkable resemblance to the narratives told by the survivors of the Transatlantic Trade (Middle Passage). The brutal treatment of ‘slaves’- denied the basic necessities of life, overcrowded and unhealthy living conditions, and the endless chain of pain and abuse.

Source: Belles, Nita. In Our Backyard: Human Trafficking in…

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